Post-Divorce Modifications

Does the Court need to review or change your divorce paperwork?

After your divorce is final and the decree and other documents have been filed, you may find circumstances have changed and new orders need to be explored. Here are some examples: your income may have increased or decreased and a revised child support amount may be appropriate. Your parenting time schedule may need to be changed. Your ex-spouse may have failed to meet his or her obligations and may be in contempt. Your ex-spouse may have just served you with a motion to modify the decree.

Where should you file your motion to modify?

The Court where the divorce was filed usually retains jurisdiction, but in certain circumstances you may need to discuss where to file.

Where do we practice?

We have helped countless individuals throughout the Kansas City Metropolitan Area protect their legal rights and interests. We have extensive experience filing and defending post-judgment modifications and will make the process easier for you. Modifications can be stressful and can make you feel as though you are reliving your divorce case. This is why you should contact Morrison Law, LLC in Overland Park, Kansas today for a free consultation.