• Merriam-Webster defines divorce as “the ending of a marriage by a legal process;” “a complete separation between two things.” 

    Unfortunately, divorce is typically not that simple and simply not that absolute.  You may fear the legal process may be lengthy and complicated. A “complete separation” may not be realistic or reasonable and you will likely need to co-parent and co-exist with your spouse for many years.

    The next few days, weeks, and months, may set the course for the rest of your life.

    The beginning stages of a divorce action are critical.  You will most certainly have questions.  You need to meet with an attorney who will answer questions about your property, your children, your finances and other things.

    So, why choose Morrison Law, LLC?

    You need advice before you take action.  We are happy to meet with you to help assess your situation immediately.  This type of early assessment is important even in those situations where you and your spouse are already working toward an agreed settlement.  Each decision you make may have long term implications for you and your family.  Get the help you need early in the legal process.

    Where do we practice?

    From our office in Overland Park, Kansas, we represent individuals throughout the Kansas City Metropolitan and surrounding area, including Johnson, Jackson, Clay, Douglas, Wyandotte and outlying counties.  Attorney Eric Morrison is licensed in Kansas and Missouri and has extensive courtroom and trial experience in the area of divorce.  Morrison Law, LLC knows what it will take to effectively resolve your legal issues. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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