Tailored Services, Insightful Advice

Tailored Services,
Insightful Advice

The Right Experience To Protect Your Interests In Personal Injury Or Family Law

With more than 20 years of legal experience, Eric Morrison dedicates his law practice to making a difference in critical areas of people’s lives. A divorce is a painful transition for nearly everyone who goes through one. A serious accident turns life upside down in just a few moments. In either a family law or personal injury situation, you likely have countless practical details to take care of. Having a skilled, confident and experienced attorney on your side can relieve you of many burdens. When Eric Morrison represents you, you can count on clear communication and a firm commitment to your well-being every step of the way.

Eric Morrison is both knowledgeable and compassionate. His extensive experience resolving legal concerns both in and out of court can be an asset in your family law or personal injury law case. For details about the background and qualifications of attorney Morrison, follow this link:

From law offices in Prairie Village , Morrison Law, LLC is a solid resource for clients on both sides of the Kansas-Missouri state line.

How Attorney Morrison’s Passionate, Successful Legal Career Started

Eric Morrison began practicing law more than 20 years ago. For the first seven years, he worked with two boutique law firms in the Kansas City metro area, focusing on complex civil litigation and primarily representing doctors and hospital organizations in personal injury, insurance defense and medical malpractice defense. Eric is admitted to practice law in the state of Kansas and Missouri. He is licensed to practice in the U.S District Courts for the District of Kansas and the Western District of Missouri, as well as the Supreme Court of Kansas and Supreme Court of Missouri.

In 2010, Mr. Morrison decided to open his own law practice to focus on people and their everyday problems – assisting them with injuries they sustained or with marital and domestic issues. People like you.

An Approach That Is Centered On Your Needs

Attorney Morrison understands that you may be facing a difficult or complex legal matter while working with a lawyer for the first time. If you feel overwhelmed, you can reduce your stress load as he completes tasks such as:

  • Advising on and crafting your legal strategy, with management of all
    legal procedures in your case
  • Anticipating case needs and pitfalls
  • Completing necessary legal paperwork
  • Scheduling necessary hearings to accommodate your already busy schedule

With attorney Morrison, you will receive answers to your questions and guidance that will help you feel empowered and in control once again. The ultimate goal is to secure for you the outcome that you are looking for: a successful conclusion to a high-asset divorce or a verdict or settlement that will compensate you properly for injuries and losses after a car accident or any accidental injury.

Let Attorney Eric Morrison Evaluate Your Case And Get You Moving In The Right Direction

To schedule your initial consultation, call the firm’s Prairie Village office at 913-232-2480 or send an email using the online contact form.