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Tailored Services,
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A Kansas City Area Family Law Attorney Based In Prairie Village

Attorney Eric Morrison is an experienced divorce and family law attorney licensed in Kansas and Missouri. His extensive courtroom and trial experience can help gain effective resolutions in challenging legal situations.

Let attorney Morrison’s experience and dedication to clients benefit you as you go through a divorce or settle a child custody dispute. Contact Morrison Law, LLC today to schedule an initial consultation.

Concerns Attorney Eric Morrison Can Help You Address

Morrison Law, LLC is a source of support for individuals, couples and families in legal issues throughout the Kansas City metropolitan area and the surrounding areas, including Johnson, Jackson, Clay, Douglas and Wyandotte counties.

About The Custody Of Your Child(ren)

Most divorcing spouses can agree on one thing: the importance of a positive and nurturing upbringing for their children. From separate households, parents who keep their children’s best interests as a top priority can learn to collaborate for their children’s well-being. Children generally do best when parents cooperate. When developing a parenting plan, parents should adopt a schedule that considers each child’s age, needs, adjustment to school, and other factors particular to the child and your situation. Parenting Plans should provide regular and predictable parenting time for both the parents and the child. Parenting time can affect other aspects of your case, for example, child support.

About The Distribution Of Your Marital Assets

The first step in the division of property is to determine all of the assets and debts owned by you and your spouse as you prepare for a divorce. You should distinguish between marital and individual property. If you do not have a complete list of these assets and debts, attorney Morrison can help you secure the information you need to negotiate an equitable property division settlement.

About Your Rights As A Divorcing Or Unmarried Father

In a paternity lawsuit, a man has no parental rights to his child or children until he is declared the father. Paternity may need to be established to enjoy parenting time and to ensure your child or children are receiving the necessary financial support.

About Your Child Support Rights Or Obligations

It is important to understand the guidelines Kansas and Missouri courts rely upon to determine child support.

Income is not the only determining factor for child support. The courts may also look at factors such as daycare and health insurance costs, the balance of parenting time and agreements you and the other parent may make to cover college tuition or other direct payments for the benefit of your child(ren).

Spousal Support Or Maintenance

Spousal maintenance is not a right or entitlement. Rather, many divorcing couples negotiate spousal support terms along with property division. Influential factors include the duration of the marriage and each spouse’s income, needs and assets.

Whether you live in Kansas or Missouri, let Eric Morrison help you determine whether maintenance is appropriate in your case and the amount and duration of the proposed spousal maintenance.

Is An Annulment An Option In Your Case?

Annulment, as an alternative to divorce, is rare in both Kansas and Missouri. An annulment will not be granted simply because a marriage was of short duration. Rather, the petitioner must prove certain defects to support the notion that the marriage is void or voidable.

If you have reasons to pursue, agree to or object to an annulment in your case, attorney Eric Morrison can clarify and document your rationale before you or your spouse moves forward with a traditional divorce.

Discuss Your Family Law Case With An Experienced, Empathetic Lawyer

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