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Tailored Services,
Insightful Advice

Family-Focused Solutions For Custody And Co-Parenting

The stress of your legal proceeding can complicate the issues of child custody, parenting time and support. Attorney Eric Morrison will help you protect the best interests of your children while also guiding you toward a workable co-parenting arrangement. He can represent you in contested custody proceedings as well as help negotiate your parenting plan and other details for the care and financial support of your children.

Based in Prairie Village , Eric Morrison represents fathers and mothers in divorce, custody and family law throughout the Kansas City metro area. Attorney Morrison is licensed to practice in Kansas as well as Missouri and has years of experience in the family courts of both states.

Understanding Child Custody

Kansas courts prefer joint legal custody and presume that both parents will be involved in daily decision making. But joint custody does not necessarily mean that both parents have 50-50 time with the child. Joint legal custody means that both parents share in decision-making about the child’s health care, education, religious upbringing and general welfare.

Custody can also refer to the physical residence of the child. When creating a parenting plan, parents should consider the child’s relationship with each parent and the level of involvement each parent has maintained in the child’s life. A detailed and predictable plan will best serve the parties and the child. It
may also benefit the child to increase or decrease time under the plan as that child becomes older. If a parent has never been in the child’s life or hasn’t had contact for an extended period, parenting time may need to cautiously increase as the child becomes more comfortable with the parent’s increased

How Is Custody Determined?

A well-crafted parenting plan should consider, among other things:

  • How involved each parent has been in the day-to-day nurturing of the child(ren)
  • How willing each parent is to facilitate an ongoing relationship with the other parent
  • The age(s) of your child(ren)
  • The desires of the parents
  • Stated preferences of your child(ren) of sufficient age and maturity
  • The child(ren)’s connections in an an established school district and network of friends

If you are disagreeing about custody and parenting time, Eric Morrison can help you put your best foot forward with your child’s other parent or the court. He can advocate for you in negotiating the schedules, ground rules and other details of the parenting agreement.

Do You Need To Revisit Custody And Visitation?

Morrison Law, LLC is a useful resource when either parent seeks a modification of a child custody order. A modification may be justifiable when there is a change of circumstances, such as a parent’s need to move to another primary residence. If such a change will alter the parenting schedule or relocate the children away from the Kansas City metro area, a modified order is necessary. Eric Morrison can help you make your case for the modification that you need – or express objections to a modification that the other parent is asking for.

Is enforcement of a child custody order a problem? Attorney Morrison can intervene if the other parent is not honoring the parenting agreement or otherwise interfering with your custody or visitation rights or your parental relationship with your child.

Your Advocate And Problem Solver

Arrange an initial consultation to discuss any custody-related issue with Eric Morrison. Call his Prairie Village office at 913-232-2480 or use the online contact form.