Tailored Services, Insightful Advice

Tailored Services,
Insightful Advice

Do I Really Need A Divorce Attorney?

Divorce is nearly always stressful and emotional. Consequently, you may not be focused on what is best for you and your family. You need an experienced, reliable divorce lawyer who understands the law and the process. Eric Morrison has spent his entire career in litigation and more than half that time assisting clients in divorce and family law matters.

How Morrison Law, LLC Can Help

You need advice before you take action. With your well-being in mind, Eric Morrison is happy to meet with you to help assess your situation immediately. An early assessment is crucial even in those situations where your spouse seems to agree with you on important issues. The decisions you make can have long-term implications for you and your family. Get personalized guidance early in the process for the best results.

Attorney Morrison routinely handles cases including high-asset divorces throughout the Kansas City metro, in both Kansas and Missouri. Eric works to identify cost-effective and lasting solutions to meet clients’ needs and protect their rights. The next few days, weeks and months may set the course for the rest of your life. You need an attorney who can advise you adeptly about dividing your property, your time with your children, your finances and other important aspects of your case.

What If You Need To Change Or Enforce Terms Of Your Divorce After The Fact?

After your divorce is final and the paperwork has been filed, your circumstances may have changed, and new orders may need to be explored. First, your income or work schedule may have changed and a revised child support amount or child custody arrangement may be warranted. Your parenting schedule may need to be changed. Your now ex-spouse may refuse to follow court orders such as an order to sell your marital home and may be in contempt of court. Conversely, your ex may have just served you with a motion to return to court; you need legal counsel to respond appropriately.

Modifications can be stressful and make you feel as though you are reliving the whole divorce case. Attorney Morrison has extensive experience with post-judgment modifications and will make the process easier for you. He will work to keep the post-decree legal processes as efficient and effective as they can be.

Schedule A Consultation To Discuss Your Family Law Concerns

From law offices in Prairie Village , Eric Morrison is a resource for clients throughout the Kansas City metro area and beyond.

To arrange for a meeting about your divorce in the firm’s Prairie Village office, in a location of your choosing or in a videoconference, call 913-232-2480 or complete a simple online form for a prompt response.