Tailored Services, Insightful Advice

Tailored Services,
Insightful Advice

How Eric Morrison Can Help You Manage Your High-Asset Divorce

High-asset marital estates are often complex. To ensure an equitable divorce, work with a lawyer who is experienced and diligent to protect clients’ property rights when assets are of extra high value or complexity.

Attorney Eric Morrison brings years of experience to the table representing high net worth individuals and families. He can properly analyze your asset division, working with the proper valuation experts who can assist in dividing the most complex marital estates. Your case may require the services of a business valuation and a forensic accountant, in addition to a lawyer.

What To Expect As You Approach A Divorce Involving Highly-Valued Assets

You can count on attorney Morrison to keep your long-term best interests in clear focus while guiding you through the process of dividing assets such as:

  • Businesses and business interests
  • Real estate, including your marital home, investment properties and/or vacation properties
  • Offshore accounts, cyber currency accounts and other complex or possibly hidden financial assets
  • Retirement assets
  • Executive compensation and/or lucrative employee benefits
  • High-value possessions, including vehicles, jewelry, tools and collectibles

Available To Serve Clients Throughout The Kansas City Metro Area And Beyond

From attorney Morrison’s office in Prairie Village , Kansas, he represents individuals throughout the Kansas City metro and surrounding areas including Johnson, Douglas and Wyandotte counties in Kansas; Jackson and Clay counties in Missouri; and the outlying counties.

Attorney Eric Morrison is licensed in Kansas and Missouri, has extensive courtroom and trial experience, and knows what it will take to effectively resolve the sophisticated legal and financial issues that you face. Let our experience benefit you. Contact Morrison Law, LLC today for an initial consultation.