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Five ways to reduce stress in your divorce

On Behalf of | Jan 30, 2023 | Divorce

Given the emotional entanglements of marriage, the divorce process can be heart breaking. You might find yourself confused, saddened, depressed and anxious about the future, and as if that’s not enough, you have to find a way to untangle the financial knot that you and your spouse have created during your marriage, meaning that the property division process can wind up being complicated.

Although there are steps that you can take to make marriage dissolution easier, the whole process can quickly become more contentious than you thought and want. This can stall negotiations and lead to heated exchanges that create overwhelming stress. While it’s understandable that there may be some sort of conflict in your divorce, you don’t need to deal with something that feels crushing. That’s not a healthy way to divorce.

How can you reduce conflict in your divorce?

The good news is that there are strategies that you can implement to reduce the amount of stress in your divorce. Here are some of them:

  1. Go easy on yourself: Divorce tends to be a time of reflection. But for many people, looking back on their marriage leads to self-criticism and self-doubt. Don’t focus on the mistakes that you made in the past. Now is the time to focus on your future. So, don’t be too hard on yourself. Allow yourself to take a break and focus on the things that are important to you.
  2. Turn to your support system: Even when you’re surrounded by loved ones, the divorce process can feel isolating. But this network can provide you with stress relief by providing meaningful support. To obtain this support, you need to be diligent and purposeful in seeking it out. Also, don’t forget that a mental health professional and even support groups can be good options here.
  3. Find new interests: You don’t want to wallow in despair as you reflect on your marriage and your pending divorce. But we know that’s hard to sidestep. One way to avoid doing so, is by taking up new hobbies and interests or turning to old ones that were neglected during your marriage. You may find that by devoting your attention to these matters, you’ll forget about some of the most painful and stressful aspects of your divorce.
  4. Reduce communication: A lot of your stress during divorce probably stems from how you and your spouse communicate with one another. But you can limit your communication with your spouse during the divorce process or at least find methods of communication that are less conflicting. Your attorney can also help filter messages and requests so that they’re focused on the issues at hand rather than emotional aspects of the divorce.
  5. Be positive: This can be hard to do when you’re in the throes of your marriage dissolution. But when times get tough, try to step back and remember that you do have a future ahead of you that you can control to a great extent.

Competently navigate your divorce

As you’re dealing with the emotional realities of your divorce, you also have to figure out how to address pertinent financial issues. This combination can leave you feeling stressed and overwhelmed.

But you don’t have to go through the process on your own, as competent legal professionals stand ready to help you navigate the challenges that you may face in your divorce case. So, if you’d like to have an advocate in your corner and learn more about what an attorney can do for you, now may be the time for you to reach out to a legal team that you think will give you the advocacy you deserve.